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RaiZan Solutions is Dental and Medical Recruiting expert focused on finding, hiring and retaining high caliber dental and medical staff for Dental Practices, Clinics and Hospitals throughout Michigan.

We want to help maximize your company’s performance and therefore, we use targeted search and tools to find candidates that fit your practice culture and patient needs. We simplify and develop a hiring process that will increase your productivity in the office.

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Plans We Offer

Plan A: Direct Placement Fee
Fast & Easy way to meet your Staffing Needs
Pre-screened candidates, background checked, and ready for your interview. Interview candidates till
Once hired, Candidate will be or your( client's) payroll
Fully refund Initial deposit required for dental staffing only.
Plan B: Direct Placement Fee
Fast & Easy Way to meet your Staffing Needs
Pre-screened candidates ready for your interview
Interview as many as 4 candidates
Once hired, Candidate will be on NCMS* payroll
Billing Rate** is based on experience
You hire/terminate candidate without any obligation
RaiZan Solutions will cover unemployment benefits, all taxes, General & Professional Liability Insurance, Vacation Days, Health Insurance, Payroll, Employee Training

* RaiZan Solutions Healthcare Staffing
** Billing rate is dependent on expertise & experience
Email for a contract document.

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